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Thanks for signing up to find out more about this new network for LGBTQ+ people working in STEM in Ireland (expect a snappier title soon!). We plan to hit the ground running in 2018 and, from January, we’ll be sending you a monthly mailing with updates on the network, resources for LGBTQ+ scientists, and opportunities to get involved in events and initiatives.

But before all that happens, here’s some news from our entirely virtual HQ.

Shaun O’Boyle (Network Founder)

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Out Thinkers is coming to Dublin

We’re teaming up with Pride in STEM to bring Out Thinkers to Ireland for the first time. Out Thinkers is a fantastic event series, where LGBT+ scientists give talks about their work and experiences in STEM. Science Gallery Dublin will be hosting the event on May the 4th* and tickets will be available in the new year, but we need speakers! If you’re interested in taking part, drop us an email!

*Bonus Feature: Star Wars Day

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Reading is fundamental

There has been very little research in Ireland on the experiences of LGBTQ+ scientists. The Queer in STEM survey has been an excellent catalyst for changing that, and their 2016 publication is an important read for all LGBTQ+ scientists. It covers the challenges we face as a community, and how they compare across scientific disciplines. Read the full paper here.

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Join the mission

If you’ve subscribed to this mailing, you’re already part of the network. If you’d like to have a more active role, we’d love to hear from you. At the moment, the network’s activities are driven by a small group of people working together online. If you’d like to help us develop events and campaigns, email us about joining our Slack group. 


The picture at the top of this email from this really nice science communication project at UCD, and the picture at the bottom is of the incredible Sally Ride, Earth’s first known LGBT astronaut.